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McDonalds Promotion

Most custom-design jobs with just a mild amount of complexity have their challenges. This bespoke, custom ‘McCup’ SuperShape design was proven to be an outstanding example of what can be achieved in the face of a number of obstacles that can be encountered during the production process.

After lining up all the necessary elements, we looked to better the replication the client was looking for and came up with a few ideas.

One of these was to use our special GlowCote material to produce a specific PMS skintone,  something that proved worthy of the final result.

There was also no existing artwork for the embossed swirls on the McCafe cup so our creative team went to work and created a new version of the line art to achieve an embossed swirl look that was closer and more authentic to the real thing. This extra dimensional feature really  enhanced the overall finished look.

In the end, the result was both pleasing to the client and public and produced the emotional engagement and brand recognition they were looking for.

We are proud to be a supplier of inflatable advertising to a company like McDonald’s and hope we will have an opportunity to create new and unique rooftop advertising balloons again in the future.

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