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Put One Up is a division of Inflatable Image Technologies, devoted to the daily-weekly-monthly-yearly no-fuss, quick-turnaround, professional and quality service needs of Australian businesses and organisations requiring visibility solutions to support their advertising and marketing programs and themes, for maximum exposure and impact. Put One Up delivers value.

Put One Up comprises the three most-important temporary-exposure/-installation inflatable types:

ClassicSeries - the original, internally illuminated [traditionally-shaped] Rooftop Balloons. We have a huge variety of colours, designs and patterns, extensive size range

SuperShape Systems - a fleet of characters and designs to grab interest for your special promotion or seasonal event

CrowdPleasers - Australia’s first ‘dancing characters’, still going strong, now in more-reliable fabrics, with improved, easier-handling mechanicals, higher-performance blowers

All Systems are designed and manufactured at Sydney Main Office, specifically for Australian conditions, based on knowledge gained from more than 24 years’ first-hand experience in all conditions.

365-days-a-year servicing is delivered by our technicians in NSW and Victoria Offices, supported by interstate, trained and qualified installers who follow the practices and principles specified in our Operations manual, and use the unique equipment and techniques which are the foundation of our being Australia’s pre-eminent inflatables supplier, respected worldwide.


More presence than
a Broadway musical! SuperCharacters command attention like few others.


Bold colours, internal illumination and digitally printed banners make sure your message is seen when you need it most.

It's not just size that
matters - it's how you use it. CrowdPleasers dance for their supper and get foot traffic through your door!

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